Navy Burgundy, the color game

As I’ve always been, and still am, a big fan of the camel + navy blue combo, I just start to dare a new one : burgundy + navy blue, which is definitely a must with this grey weather and the rain that isn’t ending in Paris.


This is what I choose to wear for last sunday’s shooting with the adorable Charlotte from We had the incredible chance the weather was perfect : cold and sunny, what I prefer during winter (and for the entire year actually). We’ve decided to take pictures in one of my favorite places in Paris which is the Place Vendôme, and in front of the Plaza Athenee, Avenue Montaigne.


I am not, in terms of outfit, a big fan of colors. I couldn’t say exactly why, but it probably has to do with the fact I feel prettier in black. And also with the fact this is so much easier to wear. Colors are a challenge. Finding the ones that enhance your natural beauty, making them match and respecting codes can easily become a nightmare, especially on the morning when you have no time for trying several outfits.



Most of the time, and as you will soon see it, I wear black and add colorful jewels or, more often, colorful shoes. But I force myself to make some exceptions and create outfits that include at least two colors. I have to admit discovering navy blue + burgundy was a relief. If burgundy is a color pretty easy to wear, wearing navy blue in winter really is a puzzle. First, it rarely looks good with black, except if you add a third color. Then, the only two colors I like it with are white and camel. The first isn’t welcome at all with this weather, and I quickly got tired of the association with the second one.


Waiting for finding something else to associate this color with (maybe on next winter ?), I wish you all the best for this new year 2018. Don’t forget what you want and work to make sure it’ll happen. Take care of yourself and your surroundings, and feel inspired.

Xx, Maëlle

What I’m wearing :

Blouse : Naf naf | Jumper : Mango | Trousers : Zara | Jacket : La redoute | Boots : Mellow Yellow | Earrings : H&M | Bag : Zara

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