How to find your style ? Inspiration from Dior : Haute Couture Week ss18

If being a teenager has learned me something, it’s how hard it is to discover its own style. How do I wanna look ? Style isn’t only about you and what you love, it’s also about how people will figure out you even before you speak or act. That first impression is decisive. And I think that’s why it was important to me to find a style appropriate to who I am. If we often hear « Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself », I say « Dress to make sure that you will no longer have to introduce yourself ». Thereafter a few tips to achieve that. But first, let’s talk a bit about Dior for this Haute Couture Week spring-summer 2018 runway show (it will be short I promise).

I will, of course, dedicate an article to this amazing Paris Haute Couture Week spring-summer 2018 but I wanted to post about Dior more specifically because I have too many favorites I wanted to show you. I don’t have a lot to say, except that Maria Grazia Chiuri really has created pieces of art. The show was absolutely breathtaking. The dress were a dream, and I still am a big fan of Dior suits. I also had a big crush on the hair of the models and I can’t wait to reproduce it on myself. Then, what to say about the tatoos ? They just reinvent it and I’ve never thought tatoos could possibly be so elegant, I’m really obsessed. But because images will speak louder than words, here’s my selection and the appropriate style advices.


#1 : Build your opinion

The first advice I can give you is to build your own opinion about pieces, looks, runway shows. When I say I’m disappointed again and again by Chanel and it feels like a new creative mind instead of Lagerfeld could wake up the maison, I’m sure. Not I’m right, but that I truly believe it. I could be the only one thinking that way (actually I’m not, Chanel is so disappointing these days), I’d still be sure because this is how I feel.


#2 : Fashion instinct

Being rationnal, in haute couture and fashion, doesn’t have its place. You have to feel things. Do you know that moment you’re doing shopping and you feel like X garment is just made for you ? And this other one is cute but you’ll never buy it for no reason ? It’s called fashion instinct. Work on it, let it blow up and guide your choices. Those choices are determined by a lot of things : your past, your habits…, but they’re still yours, don’t forget that.

Learn to do shopping alone, make yours choices yours and only yours, please yourself before you please others. I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to other people advices. Of course they’re important, especially if they’re about the cut of the garment or shape, they’ll make eventually progress you. But opinions and advices are what they are : opinions and advices. You’ll wear it, nobody else will. Moreover, remember no one is allowed to make you feel bad, not good enough or ugly. Clothes doesn’t always enhace you, but you can put them away, they’re « just » clothes. You’re still beautiful, no matter what you’re wearing.


#3 : Timeless is the new trend

If I’m calling myself a style – and not fashion – blogger, it’s because I’m not really in a love relationship with trend. I have too much admiration for timeless pieces, and I think that’s, in part, why I’m more excited about haute couture than ready-to-wear. « Fashion fades, style is eternal. », as said Coco Chanel. And I believe she was right. I don’t really care being in trend, I care being myself and loving what I wear. Don’t be afraid to be a little classic, sometimes or everytime, don’t let trend guide alone what you buy. Buy what you truly love, wear it, feel it, trend will follow, or it won’t. You don’t care.

First, you’ll realize your wardrobe will always be a pleasure to open. Secondly, you’ll never feel unconfortable with what you wear because it could perhaps been passed since last year. Some pieces are made to last a season, some others are eternal. Make the right choice, or at least the one that is the most adapted to who you are and what you want. If you love being perfectly on trend, even if it means buying cheap, and redo your wardrobe or a part of it every season, I’m not avising you to make yourself unhappy with a brand new fashion lifestyle. A lot of consumptions, even in fashion, exist, and I think I’ll write about it later, but for now : just find the one that feeds your soul and desires.


#4 : Style is knowing who you are, and not giving a damn

Have self-confidence. Probably the hardest part. It’s a little cliché and I know you read it everywhere, sometimes for no reason and not in a relevant way. But here it’s primordial. If you don’t feel good with how you look, you’ll never look as well as you would like. The simpliest looks can be incredible if you wear them with conviction and self-affirmation. Don’t justify your choices, don’t pretend you didn’t had time to think about your clothes just because you’re not sure you’re fashionably good-looking (except if you really didn’t because you’re one of those superlate persons, I am).


Finally, surround yourself with creativity, inspiration, beauty. I find most of my inspiration on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. But also on my everyday life. You know, all those flashes of beauty that surprise you at any time of the day ? Get to appreciate them. This perfect shadows game, this soft light, this incredible association of colors. Anywhere, anytime. Capture it, remember it, think about it, use it. I will end this article with what I’m always repeating, and became my blog mantra.

#5 : See beauty everywhere.

Pictures from Vogue

Have a good sunday evening, and make this new week a great one. You get it.

Xx, Maëlle

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