Leather by day 2/2 : The lazy shirt

I know I promised a lot was coming soon on the blog and I’ve been a bit absent lately. There are many articles I’d love to write, things to say and pictures to post but I just didn’t have time to do that the best possible way. I’m quite perfectionist and not interested in posting for posting, so I just chose to wait for the moment I’ll have time to focus on the blog. Having said that, I’m back.

Here’s the second part of the Leather by day looks serie I started a month ago. I said I’ll show you two different kinds of style, the first one was classy, this one is casual. I used to wear it for college, or just going outside without important plans. I don’t anymore because spring is coming and it’s rather an automn/winter outfit (and these pants are keeping way to much warm for this weather, believe me).

Thinking about it, I wore it a lot this winter. It adds this rock touch to everything, makes outfits less simple and bonus : the waiste is small enough I don’t need to put on a belt to make it stay in place, satisfying. Furthermore, the inside is really soft. So yes, maybe I overweared it a little.

About leather and fashion this winter, I’ve noticed the actual trend is vinyl, and I’m not a big fan of it at all. I definitely prefer matte leather. Vinyl is cool but not really fitting my style. And to be honest, I think most of the time it gives a… cheap kind of effect. Pretty on some, but not for me thank you. Maybe if I find a truly beautiful piece…?


This shirt is one of my ultimate casual favorites of this winter for so many reasons. First, it goes well with thousands of other pieces, but even more : it can be weared during every season. I love the kind of garment you can wear at any moment of the year, and make it looks like you never did before by a very new kind of way to associate it. It’s really pleasant.

I chose to add it to these leather pants because it « breaks » a bit the rock kind of effect, and maybe also the sexy one it can have (at least for a school outfit), as long as I let it out of the pants. Its colors are a real dream : as much as I love check shirts, the fact this one is mostly white and red was the main reason why I bought it.


But my real favorite in this outfit definitely is my Longchamp bag, I’m truly obsessed. I saw it in le BHV Marais, fell in love, received it as a gift and could not be happier to see it join the Ralph Lauren one. Looks like a collection is beginning.

Even if it’s, because of the really punchy red color, more a spring/summer bag, I just couldn’t wait to go out with it and it seems like it was perfect to complete and perfect this look. So here it is. This roseau croco found its place in my closet as soon as it entered in.

The shoes are my loved blacks boots with a very lovely back of heel (that I just noticed we can’t see on the picures and I’ll have to show you later). They’re one of y essential, real basics : comfy, going well with everything and saving me a million times a week. What else ?

About the pictures, I want to thank Thomas again for his time and above all : his talent. We had the chance to shoot on this amazing sunny sunday in my favorite place all over Paris, the Jardin du Palais Royal, and it was really interesting for me to gradually learn how to pose with the advices of someone professional, and feel more and more comfortable with it. Being a blogger is creating content, thinking, writing… but posing during looks shootings is a different part of the experience. And for what I’ve read and experienced, it can be really stressful and not so easy to be confident with it. I’m glad I start to discover myself during these moments and actually appreciate the pictures. So I would love everybody who reads this article to go discover his work on his Instagram page : @thomas_sycho, he’s doing a great job.

Hope you all liked this article and the pictures. See you soon here, very soon on Instagram.

Take care of yourself and enjoy the coming spring, it’s a new season beginning, and also a way to go for a fresh start, in fashion and everything.

Xx, Maëlle

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