Tweed skirt & how to be well prepared for summer


Flowers everywhere on Instagram, cute pink dresses, iced coffees and sunglasses, you probably noticed : spring is here and summer’s on every mind. Never really was a spring girl, it’s more a kind of « step to the Graal » in my head than a real season. But growing up, I force myself to appreciate transitional seasons. So… fall last year, spring this one ?

About change, I’ve decided to start writing about self-improvement, inspiration, empowerment, motivation, self-confidence, and in a more general way, how to make yourself & your life better in order to feel good and proud. As a style blogger, I think it’s something that naturally has to come with what I do. I realised when I wrote the last articles that style advices often come with ideas of how to feel better in my skin, and it didn’t feel right not to post about this part. I’m not a professional coach or anything, and I myself do mistakes, but I’ve experienced and learned a lot through the past, I read about it, and I think what I know and will share could help at least some of you, and that would make me really happy. Because it’s, to me, what blogging is about : sharing and not only showing ourselves. So let’s try and see !


Summer is, for the most of us, the time of the year. Whatever you’re current situation is (student, worker, traveller…), it’s a time of renewal, an occasion to go for new experiences and an important (and very expected) moment. That’s why, through this look, I will share 5 advices to be well prepared for this season so you can then focus on making it the time of your life.


#1 : Have a make-up detox

… and update your skincare routine. Take some days, a week or even two, during holidays, a long week-end or even school or work time if you feel comfortable with your no make-up face, to give up on it. Skin, as all of us, needs to breathe. And if there is a moment of the year we want to have it pure and beautiful, it’s during summer : when we all hate wearing make-up because of the hot weather and how it makes it a living hell. You know what I mean.

Same for mascara, just stop for a few days. More than the fact your eyelashes will look way much better then, you will reconnect to your natural beauty, and I know how hard it can be. But the more you’ll spend time without make-up, the more it would look normal and usual to you and you’ll love yourself. Also, use this time to make the point on your skin and adapt, maybe change the products you use on your skincare routine. Don’t forget : make-up detox doesn’t mean no skincare ! Keep doing it every morning and night.



#2 : Clean your environment to clear your mind

Free a day in your schedules to put your life in order. Sort and re-organize your wardrobe, replace your winter clothes by the summer ones, get rid of the pieces you don’t want et don’t wear anymore, sell, give or recycle them. You’ll see clearer in your stuff. Reminder : you don’t wear what you don’t see, so make sure all your clothes and accessories are somewhere you can easily see and grab them in the morning.

Same for your smartphone : delete the apps you don’t use, re-organize the ones you keep if you never did, don’t forget to sort your pictures and put the ones you keep in a safer place. Summer is the perfect occasion to lose, break or drown it, so protect what you care about (like those adorable pictures of your family on Christmas, or less adorable of your friend during New Year’s Eve, you say you will put on your computer since then and never did, yes we all do that). Maybe also change your Instagram feed if you’re an instagrammer or just someone who cares about this kind of stuff. It will give a little push to your creativity and help you see things differently around you. Routine isn’t needed in those little things, try something new.

In french, we use the expression « ménage de printemps » you can traduce by « spring cleaning » (and maybe use too), and that’s for a reason. This renewal everywhere is the perfect time for cleaning your home and change a bit the decoration. Even details like moving a furniture can totally change an interior.

It’s cliché but it’s true : the more your stuff is organised, the more your mind will be. Arrange, tidy up & sort your things is one of my best advices to put some order in your ideas.



#3 : Water & health

Neither you care or not about having the « bikini body », this season is a great opportunity to think about what and how you eat and maybe change your habits. If winter appeals to comfort food and a lot of chocolate, spring and summer are more, to me, a detox time. I use to drink a lot of green tea (with nothing added, of course or it lose it’s properties), and even more important, a lot of water (but we should all do that the entire year, it will never be repeated enough, including to me !). It’s good for your health, for your skin, for everything. Stay hydrated.

I start to re-introduce vegetables and a lot of fruits in my alimentation, and give up on fast-food at this time of the year, because that’s what I suddenly crave for. Try to make an effort if you don’t naturally feel the same, it will become an habit. If you’re an athlete, nothing to say. If you’re more like me and prefer elevator & metro, well, give up on it and embrace stairs and walks. Bikini body, remember ?



#4 : Take time to enjoy the place you live in (like this stunning spot in Paris, can you believe it ?)

Wherever you live, it changes at every season. But between work, transports and tasks at home, do you even see that ? My fourth advice is the following one : use your free-time to go for a walk, enjoy the weather, the sun, the flowers everywhere & breathe. Go out with someone you love, a friend, family, or even a book. Choose terraces rather than going inside (even more if you’re parisian), go somewhere you’ve never been, avoid metro or car, walk as much as you can.

I know it looks a lot like an advice your grandma would give you. I’m the first one my parents were exasparated by when I was still living in the countryside, because I used to stay closed in my room. But now I’m in Paris, I just surprisingly feel like I need to spend as much time as possible outside. If Jardin du Palais-Royal and Place des Vosges are my favourite spots, I still have to discover a lot of them and I just can’t wait. It helps me free my mind from negative though, think, push my creativity, it brings ideas and inspiration, and if you need an other reason : it’s a good opportunity to take pictures and meet people, for what I know.


#5 : Catch up with family and friends

If your summer will be mostly about work, internships or summer job, don’t hesitate to enjoy the days off during May to catch up with your loved ones. Often, summer is made of unexpected activities, sometimes trips or last minute jobs, and you finally don’t get as much free-time as you wished you will. In an other case, if you have free time and your family uses to live away from you, why not booking a train or a plane to spend some time with them ? You can enjoy public holidays and week-ends to make a call, go for a coffee or a drink, anything that will be an occasion for meeting the people you care about. It’s always such a great way to remind you who you are, where you come from and feel regenerated. I never feel as strong and powerful than when I’ve just spend a few days with my mom. Some people have the power to make you a better person, never negligate them.



I know it seems small, and even obvious, but it’s often details that make our lives better, even if we don’t don’t notice it. Some simple things can really change your everyday life and how you feel, and I wanted to start by reminding it. Next articles will be different, more specifics, on very particular subjects. Hope you liked this one and it will help you, even a bit. Tell me in the comments what you already are used to do and what you’ll try to change ! Can’t wait to know more about you.


About the look, I went quite classy for my first real spring outfit on the blog : white, blue, kamel & a touch of red for the color. There isn’t one only piece in this outfit I’m not obsessed with.

You can shop it there :

Tweed skirt | White shirt. My boots are old Colisée Paris, but any brown boots would look great & this Longchamp bag is the red Roseau Croco but I didn’t find any link online. The bracelet and charms are from Pandora. The white & navy blue scarf is an old collection but any would add the perfect elegant touch.

Photos by Louis Guidal.

Have an amazing week and don’t forget to go after your dreams (and hydrate yourself !).

Xx, Maëlle


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