Basics & feeling pretty on moody days


If there’s something I love to do, it’s creating looks, picking pieces, try, change it, mix colours until I feel good and beautiful. But sometimes, I just don’t have any time or motivation for that. But you know when we say « Remember every time you dress that if you die today this is what your ghost will wear forever » ? Well, even when I’m not in a very fashion mood (which is quite rare, lucky me), I force myself to be, at least, looking quite acceptable. But with time, I realised I didn’t have to be ok with the fact I just look… ok. I’m one of these persons who need to look great to feel great. Whatever happens in my day, if I’m comfortable with what I wear and feel pretty, I know it’s going to be fine. On the contrary, not liking my look, having made a fashion mistake or forgot accessories always have me in such a bad mood, no matter how fantastic can be my day, I won’t enjoy it fully.


So considering that, I’ve decided to create some basics outfits I would love for the days I’m not in the mood. And if, in winter, most was just total black looks, I wanted to go for something different now spring’s here and summer around the corner. So here’s one, mixing like everything I love : a classy white blouse from Ralph Lauren, bootcut jeans, heel pumps and other black touches with the belt and bag.


My advice to all of you who kind of feel the same (and to me), is to take time for yourself in the morning. To dress better than properly : great, even if it’s classic. To create a make-up that will boost your confidence. To deal with this hair we know is real evil 80% of the time. To pick up the best accessories to maximise your outfit potential.

If you can’t manage to feel perfectly good when you consider you’re not beautiful, that’s ok. I spent a lot of time trying to pretend I don’t care, to repeat myself it’s not important and people won’t even see the difference anyway. But what matters is : you do, and you always should come first when it’s about wellness and self-confidence. You see that difference and if it kills your good mood, ruin your day and you can’t change that, it’s not a big deal. Take time for you, fix that and have a great day.


Photos by Thomas Dockwiller.

Xx, Maëlle


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